Photos should be 640x480 jpegs, if possible, and sent to John at Don't use John's normal email address. Please limit the size of each email to a around 2MB or less, or one photo per email if they're larger than 2MB.

If you don't know how to convert your photos into jpegs, or how to change the size, don't worry. Send them anyway and I'll do it.

Unless you tell me otherwise, your photos will be displayed like all my photos. I'll add a copyright notice and your email address (obfuscated e.g. "johnc at kirriwa dot net"). If you want a proper link to your email address, links to other web sites, or any explanatory text, send details with your photos and I'll include whatever you want. If you send me any HTML content, it must be browser-independent and validate with the W3C's HTML validator, preferably to the HTML 4.01 standard.